From the recording Shuffle Dat (2021)

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Shuffle Dat (Dance Song)

By: John David Black aka “DatCatJayDZA”

Grab a waist (face to face)
side to side, we gone slide up in the place
Lean forward, then go back 
shimmy something, we gone snap 
make it shake, make it clap 
Turn around, then walk it back  
Come together, circle that
that’s the way, we shuffle dat 
you understand, 
This one life, Feel the rhythm of the night 
left to right, in my bag
ain’t no reason, going sad
what you had, off of that
You finding me, on the track
With my girl, The party, packed 
Shuffling, The DJ slaps 
If you dolo, reach the top
everybody, keep it hot 
Cool it down, touch the ground
Everybody feel the sound,
pound for pound, pump it up 
Watch ‘em wiggle in the cut 
So now ya’ll know, I got this bop,
it went like this so keep it hot 
Now we back once again
Grab a partner, or a friend
it don’t matter, Black or white 
We gone boogie, oggie right
1 time, we’re, going up, tonight
2 times we’re ducking down, 
3 times we’re bopping up all right
4 times we’re stepping to the right
1 time we’re sliding to the left 
2 times bop it with your step
drop it 3 times down, all right
4 times at the top alright 
I think you got it, so let’s jet
I think you probably, broke a sweat
1 last time let’s get it down
I feel like you might know me now