Breaking New Ground - Magazine Special Edition/ January 2018

I am so pleased to get published on the cover of an Atlanta magazine, "Breaking New Ground". This magazine is published by Mr. Christopher Davis of New Life Hat Society. Check out the web site and read about them below:

A movement of African-American female artists, entrepreneurs, and avid hat wearing females, through keeping the tradition of hat wearing in the black community alive, though not just wearing a hat, but for a purpose, through service. Our members are dedicated to helping unleash the chains of economic/mental slavery, oppression and depression among Black men and boys in their communities. Through programs and services we empower, and equip Black men and boys into and for entrepreneurship based upon their artistic abilities.

Part of the mission for New Life Hat Society is to strengthen and empower the Black adult male, young adult male and boy’s population via economic empowerment, literacy, entrepreneurship education, effective networking, growth and development workshops. Our overall mission is to teach them how to be self-sufficient, by teaching them how to make money based upon their skillsets. We teach them through a guided curriculum, and make certain that they understand the basic fundamentals of not just owning a business, but effectively operating the business(es) and ultimately expanding.

I met Mr. Christopher Davis about five or so years ago when I frequently played guitar downtown Columbia at Mac's on Main. The old Tapp's Building was being revitalized and envisioned as a center for artists. I hung out at "Meet me at Tapp's" and even played there and my brother Richard's  art was displayed there.  Mr. Davis always said he wanted to do an article on me. I'm glad that he believed in me and was able to remember me in this Special Edition of the January 2018 issue.

Please support Mr. Davis in his great cause of helping to make it possible for some black man or boy to realize his entrepreneurial potential, while at the same time aiding in getting them steps closer to realizing that very dream, of owning his own business.

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